Founded in 2010, ICON INDICES conceptualize and develop novelty Technology products for consumer-centric companies in solving problem of,

1. infiltration in the distribution chain for CPG brands

2. improving brand loyalty of the brands

3. ML solution for retail brands


The central theme of every technology solution is to harness power of real time field data for its clients through blending of novelty, technology and digital.

It has vision that every product globally has a unique identification through its novelty serialized encryption technology.

Serialization Technology

Serialization based encryption | Data cloning | Parent child relationship

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Merits and Benefits

Serialization based encryption

Embed product data with serialization and unique algorithm for each code

Improved Top line

Create deterrent to pirated goods producers resulting improved top line

Data cloning technology

Digitally couple the product and its packaging 1:1

Increase consumer trust

Increase consumer trust through Genuine Product Authentication

Parent child relationship

create relationship between master carton and unit cartons

Real time field data

Equipping the brand harness the power of real time data for market turn around


  • Track and Trace record field inventory and its location in real time
  • Product authenticity is transmitted instantaneously on scan of QR code on the product by registered channel partners.
  • User authentication is provided by scan of both QR code, one which is on to the product and other which is on to the packaging.
  • Sales data trend with time and space
  • Product data trend with time and space
  • Authentication check data with status
  • Authentication check data with location


We are a team of great possibilities signifying values of having exceptional goals, passion to fulfilling commitments and confidence to accomplish the excellence.


ICON INDICES executive management team consists of highly experienced professionals having an average three decades of experience in product, architecture design and project.

Founder of company has filed 5 patents, is a NIT engineering graduate and is a true go-getter. His mission is to democratizing business by transforming businesses to go direct to consumer leveraging technology.

The team demonstrates core attributes and believes in-

setting exceptional goals, having passion in fulfilling commitments and displaying confidence to accomplishing its commitments.



We are a passionate fraternity of self-committed people who challenge to make every day a better day.

We are looking for people who believe in themselves to make impossible to possible having pursuit of meditative thinking, sheer hard work and imaginative creativity. If you like the challenges to your own accomplishments to make every your next move a better move, contact us. You will join a team who are dedicated, committed and highly passionate to what they do. 

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